CRST – Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience

CRST – Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience


CRST is arranging a crowdfunding share emission together with Invesdor Nordics.

CRST is devoted to sustainable clinical development of novel medicines, and we invite all interested investors – small and large – to join this effort.

It’s all about proof of concept – in terms of safety, efficacy and feasibility. Proof of concept is needed for your drug development project to move forward. CRST can offer a broad range of scientifically sound clinical research services that are tailored to suit your needs. Read more.

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“CRST is very reliable and professional, they have the full package as a phase I site. They are flexible and supportive whenever there is an issue. You can tell that they desire to be successful, trying to do things good not only what is required”

- Large pharma clienta

“CRST is very professional and deliver on time. The people are good to work with and they are very flexible and willing to adapt when needed”

-Small biotech company

“You usually get what is promised in terms of recruitment targets in Finland, there are seldom over-estimations”

-Large pharma client

“CRST has a good track record of early phase trials, they know exactly how to do it which makes it very simple to work with them”

-Large pharma client

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