Clinical Research Services Turku Excellence in proving your concept.

CRST offers excellence in proving your concept.

It’s all about proof of concept – in terms of safety, efficacy and feasibility. Proof of concept is needed for your drug development project to move forward. CRST can offer a broad range of scientifically sound clinical research services that are tailored to suit your needs.

CRST has a dedicated team of clinical trials professionals that can meet your needs: clinical researchers, project managers, medical writers, study nurses, study monitors, neuropsychologists and other research personnel needed for study planning, conduct and reporting.

Clinical Pharmacology

CRST has over 20 years of experience in conducting clinical pharmacology studies in healthy volunteers and various groups of outpatients.

Our experience and expertise allows us to offer cost-efficient and flexible services. We provide a tailored service packages adapted to the Sponsor’s requirements and priorities in the context of established regulatory, medical and scientific frameworks.

Proof of Concept

CRST uses scientific expertise to support your company’s go/no-go decisions by providing important preclinical and clinically relevant information on the behaviour of your drug candidate.

We are specialized in Phase I-II clinical studies that employ imaging and other biomarkers as surrogate endpoints. Turku PET Centre provides access to the latest developments in preclinical and clinical imaging technology. See examples.

Clinical Development

CRST’s clinical experience covers many pharmacodynamic variables in for example CNS, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

CRST has experience from early phase I-IIa trials as the sole study site and from later, phase II-IV multi-centre studies as a clinical study site.

Other Types of Studies

CRST’s competent team can help customers to achieve their goals with careful planning and conduct of clinical trials on health foods and medical devices.

CRST can provide full service packages for studies on health foods, including e.g. medical and scientific consultation throughout the study, study design and planning, medical writing and regulatory submissions.