CRST – Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience

CRST is arranging a crowdfunding share emission together with Invesdor Nordics

From its inception as a company, CRST has been aiming to grow profitably. After seven years of profitable growth and after reaching a turnover of €3,1M (in 2020), planning of the next growth step was initiated. A goal was set to increase the sales from the €3,1M reached in 2020 to €10-15M in three to five years.
The strategy development project was executed in collaboration with an outside consultancy company, Arthur D. Little. It included customer interviews, analysis of the target market and competition, growth driver analysis and planning of concrete actions for the next growth steps. The execution of the growth plan was activated at the beginning of 2022.

CRST, with its two clinics located in Turku and Helsinki, provides clinical trials services from first-in-man studies to late-phase trials. Customers span from small virtual biotech companies to Big Pharma giants. They all need a trusted partner to conduct their clinical studies to advance the development of their new products towards the market.

CRST is providing tailored services for customers:

For small virtual companies, a full-service package is provided from study planning all the way to clinical conduct and final study report.

For more established pharma companies, CRST is providing services for clinical study conduct in Turku and Helsinki. Some of the trials are large multi-national studies with tens or even hundreds of participating sites all over the world, involving thousands of participating patients.

CRST’s specialists help pharma companies to develop new and improved medicines, daily. As medications and treatments are becoming more and more complex, there is an increasing need for new and innovative research services. By investing in these new services and other growth elements, CRST will be able to serve an increasing number of pharma customers. CRST is devoted to sustainable clinical development of novel medicines, and we invite all interested investors – small and large – to join this effort.” says Antti Iitiä, CEO, CRST.