CRST – Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience

CRST – Clinical Research Services Turku

CRST is a contract research organization (CRO) with over 25 years of expertise in conducting clinical studies. CRST is run by experienced specialists with in-depth understanding of clinical pharmacology and drug development, especially in therapeutic areas such as disorders of the central nervous system and metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

In early-phase clinical development, CRST can provide a full-service Phase 1 package or only parts of it, depending on the client’s needs.

In later phases of clinical development, our clients (Biotech and Pharma companies and CROs) can utilize our two centrally located clinical research units for swift patient recruitment and to generate high quality data. Our clinical research units in Turku and Helsinki are easily accessible for over half of the Finnish population.

CRST’s core expertise lies in the understanding of disease mechanisms. Specialists from different fields participate in CRST’s operations as principal investigators and scientific consultants.

CRST’s clients include many leading Finnish, Nordic and multinational companies, also most of the biggest Pharma companies. As a customer-oriented service provider, CRST has enjoyed excellent customer satisfaction during its history. Over 90% of its customers have returned with another project.


Experience partner in clinical trials since 1995

CRST was established in 1995 by Professors in Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Mika Scheinin and Risto Huupponen, and Professor of Biostatistics, Juhani Tuominen. They wanted to ensure the competitiveness of the University of Turku in clinical contract research at a time when compatibility with good clinical practice guidelines (GCP) became a general requirement.

CRST was spun out from the University of Turku in 2014

Since then, CRST has evolved as a recognised service provider for the pharmaceutical industry in Northern Europe and elsewhere. CRST was spun out from the University of Turku in 2014 and is now a private company, with the University of Turku as a minority shareholder.

In 2020 CRST Helsinki
was established

In 2020 CRST Helsinki was established to increase our capacity in Phase 1 trials and to increase the number of recruited patients per trial. We can now cover more than half of the Finnish population in terms of subject recruitment.

Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience