CRST – Clinical trials with over 25 years of experience

CRST participated in the 15th annual Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD) conference in San Francisco on 29.10.– 2.11. 2022

CTAD is a meeting entirely focused on therapeutic trials in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It aims to accelerate the development of new treatments for AD by fostering the formation of new partnerships between the pharmaceutical Industry and academia. The highlights of this year’s meeting included good news about lecanemab, Eisai’s anti-amyloid antibody. Eisai’s investigators presented results from the company’s successful phase 3 clinical trial in patients with early AD.

Ville Ranta-Panula represented CRST in CTAD

In addition to conference participation, Ville Ranta-Panula, CRST’s Chief Commercial Officer, had a chance to meet several clients In San Francisco and in New York City.

“Last week was super-exciting, not only because of lecanemab, but also because this conference was the first ‘live’ CTAD event after the pandemic and after the opening our clinic in Helsinki. Due to our expanded capacity and recent successes in ongoing AD trials, several companies were eager to meet with us. We had many good discussions regarding trials in AD, Parkinson’s disease and ALS,” says Ville.

“I am also pleased that we can now start to prepare a Master Service Agreement with one of the most interesting companies in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. There is a possibility for repeated business,” he continues.